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18-Apr-2008, 12:26
I need to replace a bulb in the Chromega F..

The bulbs are 24V 250W ELC Dichroic Halogen (also say "USA 20" but I don't think that's important).

I've found these that are identical even down to the logo on the side:

However, these appear to have the same specs and a much longer lifespan:

Anybody have any experience? Should I stay with the identical ones or try out the longer life variants?

18-Apr-2008, 12:35
The second one doesn't say how it's rated. The difference may just be how they are rated. The bulbs are likely the same.

The on/off of an enlarger isn't great for the life of a bulb. OTOH do a bit of math. 50 hours is 3000 1 minute prints. For colour when you're likely in the sub 10 second range it's a lot more.

19-Apr-2008, 18:01
Either one will work. So will the following:

Philips 13631 ELC/FA 24V250W 231035 (Japan);
Osram Xenophot 64653 HLX ELC 24V250W GX5,3 (Germany).

N. Riley

20-Apr-2008, 02:09
Thanks N. :)

kev curry
20-Apr-2008, 03:33
Ash, I've been using one of these babies for about 16 months....... they claim to last for 500 hrs and at 15 bangers for two, well...... :)

Jon Shiu
20-Apr-2008, 10:29
I wonder if the color temperature would be identical? If your enlarger uses 4 bulbs, then it might be good to replace all 4 at once.


20-Apr-2008, 10:34
If you're printing colour best to.

The other thing is they were all installed at once. All treated the same. Odds are they'll all go about the same time.