View Full Version : where to buy film and gear when B+H is closed?

18-Apr-2008, 06:58
B+H and the other major players are closed for Passover, but I need to buy film (actually 120 Kodak Portra NC and VC, not LF), plus Fuji-roid in the next couple of days.
Any thoughts on where I should look? Preferably not Illinois as I'd rather not pay state taxes when I'm buying mail order.



David A. Goldfarb
18-Apr-2008, 07:02

Scott Davis
18-Apr-2008, 07:24
Also give Hunt's a try- they stock lots of film.

Frank Petronio
18-Apr-2008, 07:25
Calumet is definitely in Illinois ;-/

Try Camera World in Portland, Oregon, they are pretty good for digital junk

Badger Graphics is great http://www.badgergraphic.com/

Midwest is awesome http://www.mpex.com/index.htm

David Karp
18-Apr-2008, 07:28
Freestyle. http://www.freestylephoto.biz/e_main.php

Ron Marshall
18-Apr-2008, 07:32
Another vote for Badger and Freestyle.

Walter Calahan
18-Apr-2008, 07:54
Badger Graphics.

18-Apr-2008, 11:54

18-Apr-2008, 13:23

Jan Pedersen
18-Apr-2008, 13:26
All of them but actually i don't think Badger stock MF film??

18-Apr-2008, 13:30
Get it at your local dealer, where you should have always been buying it.

18-Apr-2008, 13:37
Everybody's local on the Web. :)

Another vote for Freestyle. Badger does not stock 120.

David Luttmann
18-Apr-2008, 15:44
Get it at your local dealer, where you should have always been buying it.

Why would I pay 20% more through a local dealer? My Freestyle purchases come right to my door, much cheaper.

Bob Salomon
18-Apr-2008, 16:04
Calumet, Foto Care, Photo Habitat, Ken Mar, Samy's, Keeble & Shuchat, Gasser, Nelson's, George's, Hunt, E.P. Levine, Camera Wholesalers, Photo Zone, National Camera Exchange, Photo Zone, Zeff, Newtonville, Kenmore, Showcase, Photo Barn, PPR, Pitman, Arlington, Competitive, Photo Mark and lots of others.

Of course shipping charges may be more then sales tax so you might also check with Central in Chicago.

David A. Goldfarb
18-Apr-2008, 16:23
For some of us B&H is our local dealer, but fortunately so are Calumet and a few other places.

18-Apr-2008, 19:01
hunts also sells short date film at a very good price.

23-Apr-2008, 10:32
All of them but actually i don't think Badger stock MF film??

They don't list it on their website, but I would be surprised if they didn't carry some as they do carry some MF cameras. You might need to call them.

23-Apr-2008, 10:47
I've been buying film from B&H for years. Being forced to purchase film from another source this week, placed a fairly large order from Calumet. Some of the prices were considerably less than B&H (a few prices higher tho')... they had Velvia 50 in stock and B&H is almost always out of it in 4x5... and... it shipped the very same day the order was placed.

Calumet is now my source for film... and not simply during the Jewish holidays.