View Full Version : Tripod for backpacking with 8 x 10.

Michael Kadillak
11-Sep-1998, 12:23
I am looking for recommendations for a tripod that would accomodate backpacking with my 8 x 10. I already have a Ries A-100 tripod with a double tilt head that is to long and heavy for more than short journeys from the pick up. How short it collapses is as much of a plus as weight. Anybody out there really get off of t he beaten path with your 8 x 10 ?

Thanks in advance.

Peter Hughes
11-Sep-1998, 13:10
You know, I wouldn't want anyone to hear me say this, but I've put my 8x10 Deard orff on a Bogen 3021 with a 3055 ball head. Not ideal but it works, as long as i t isn't too windy. I now use a 3031 with a 3047 head. Much studier but much heav ier too.

Ron Shaw
11-Sep-1998, 13:32
One of the greats (dont remember who it was supposed to be, but they shot 8x10) was quoted as saying 'if it isnt within 100 yards of his car, it wasnt photogeni c':-)

Ellis Vener
11-Sep-1998, 13:37
I should think that one of the carbon fiber Gitzos with the Sinar Pan Tilt head would be a good combo.

Bruce M. Herman
12-Sep-1998, 14:37
Michael, Gitzo makes a series of metal tripods with numbers in the 500's that would work. Several of them have four section legs and are short when collapsed. However, they may be too short for you if you're tall. Look at the B&H web site for det ails.

By the way, I have the 510, which I think weighs 9 lbs without the head. It's a 3 section, and is fine for day hikes.

Best wishes, Bruce

Michael Wellman
17-Sep-1998, 01:56
What does your 8x10 weigh? If its not too heavy why not get the Ries J100 backp ack model. It breaks apart and comes with a storage case and is fairly lightwei ght. Under 8lbs if memory serves me right.

Tony Brent
25-Sep-1998, 22:31
Check out the Berlebach wood tripods in the Calumet catalog or at their site www .calumetphoto.com. They have a 7 3/4 pound model with 2 section legs that collap ses to 40" and extends to 64" and is rated for 8 x 10 cameras.

Tom Johnston
20-Nov-1998, 16:51
You already have a RIES (so do I) so you know about their quality. Why not a Ries J100 backpacker. I have one and I love it.