View Full Version : Hope there's not too much competition for THIS!

Michael Graves
18-Apr-2008, 06:03

Ralph Barker
18-Apr-2008, 06:15
Yep, that's a hot item, alright. ;)

Paul Bujak
18-Apr-2008, 06:34
Will it fit my camera? :rolleyes:

Walter Calahan
18-Apr-2008, 06:36
I'll wait till the last 30 seconds to place a bid. Grin.

18-Apr-2008, 06:47
I already have one just like it. This one is yours!

18-Apr-2008, 06:54
we should bombard the seller with pointless questions.
"what color is it?"
"is the serial number odd or even?"
"has it been kept in a house with pets?"

18-Apr-2008, 09:29
I want it

Dave Moeller
18-Apr-2008, 14:01
The seller ended the auction early because of an error in the listing. It must not have been a lens. I wonder what it is...