View Full Version : LF forum slow on my computer

Ben Calwell
18-Apr-2008, 05:22
Just thought I'd report something -- I don't know if it's my home computer, Internet provider, or what, but when I visit the LF forum, everything is very slow. When I click on a "back arrow," nothing happens for a long time. I've learned that after waiting and waiting, if I drag the cursor back into the body of the page and click again, the hour glass comes up, and then it switches back to the page I wanted.

Joanna Carter
18-Apr-2008, 06:08
Well, the forum is running fine for me here in Ireland, I would suggest that, if all other sites are OK, it is either a bandwidth problem on one leg of the line between the site and you or at your ISP

Ralph Barker
18-Apr-2008, 06:12
Might be your neighbor downloading "special" movies? ;)

We have an occasional period of slow response when other things are happening on the server, but generally it's pretty good.

Scott Knowles
18-Apr-2008, 09:59
Do you have the tools to track the connection? The problem may not be the forum but the network, being busy, dropping the connection or routing the connection the long way around, and occasionally getting lost in the process. If you have a Mac you can use a terminal window and the "traceroute 'IP address/name' <cr>" command, which will list the hops and time to hops from you to the forum. If you see astericks, it stalled. And if it's can't get there, broken connection, it will stop and keep displaying atericks.

There are also some good commercial software packages which do the same thing with a fancy interface and snazzy graphics. And you can check your connection speed with http://www.speedtest.net/.

Glenn Thoreson
18-Apr-2008, 11:17
I was having the same problem yesterday but it's okay today. I suspect it's a local issue, as I was having trouble with other sites, too. It's just something that happens occasionally. Gremlins..:D