View Full Version : Polaroid holder issue?

18-Apr-2008, 00:09
I'm getting white (unexposed?) marks on the prints. They tend to be at the bottom of the print. I'm wondering if my polaroid holder is bad. If so, I see no reason to replace it. Anyone using a DSLR to check exposures? I knoe it's not the same thing...but it seems like an economic alternative.

Greg Lockrey
18-Apr-2008, 00:11
Sounds like you need to clean the rolls.

18-Apr-2008, 01:47
Sounds like what I've experienced where the processing fluid doesn't get everywhere. I was told to pull the film somewhat slower and to be careful of jerking it. It definitely made a difference.


18-Apr-2008, 01:53
I often lose corners on my prints. Then again I'm using Fuji pack film that's 4 years out of date.

As above, clean your rollers. They're easy to get out. Wipe them down and put them back in. The run a test shot and this time pull it out slowly and at a tiny bit of an angle (as it to add some pressure as it's pulled through the rollers). I'm only talking 1 or 2 degrees, not a right angle or anything. I find that helps with print-only (not pos and neg) instants because it forces the developer to move along the film.

Don't rely on the digital camera's screen, if it can load a histogram use that. A good light meter in the UK can cost much less than £100 brand new, a good digital camera costs that. I know which one I'd choose.

18-Apr-2008, 09:54
Will start cleaning.