View Full Version : Jobo Atl 1500

17-Apr-2008, 10:55
Is it possible to process 5x7 in this machine, I know Jobo says up to 12 5x4, so I wondered if a couple of 5x7's might fit.


17-Apr-2008, 12:07

I use an ATL1000 and I think the problem is with the reels. Unless I am mistaken, there are no 5x7" reels that will fit in the tanks. Try emailing Jobo (http://www.jobo.com/web/Contact.171.0.html).


Renato Tonelli
18-Apr-2008, 11:10
AFAIK, There are no reels for 5x7.

Paul Ewins
18-Apr-2008, 16:35
You would probably have to process the film in one of the print drums. A 2830 drum will process 4 pieces of 5x7 paper so that would be a likely candidate. Your biggest problem will be avoiding scratches on the back of the film. Have a look through other threads about the ways that people process ULF film (11x14, 7x17) in Jobo drums as the techniques will be useful.