View Full Version : 21 1/4in Kodak Anastigmat -- flipped lettering

Dirk Rösler
17-Apr-2008, 06:18
Hi, received this lens today. Any ideas why the lettering on the rim is mirrored? I know it is a copy lens... is this common for them?


Struan Gray
17-Apr-2008, 06:26
Graphics arts lenses often were sold with a prism on the front, so a copy could be made without inverting the original. I assume this was for making plates, which you can't look at from the back. The lettering is mirrored so that you can read it without taking the prism off.

Dirk Rösler
17-Apr-2008, 06:56
Hi, thanks - that explains it. My fear was that someone had taken it apart and back together in the wrong way :)

Any idea how this kind of lens does for pictorial use?

Brook Martin
17-Apr-2008, 06:59
Very sharp lens.

Mark Sampson
17-Apr-2008, 07:55
These lenses were later called "Copying Ektanon". Yours is from 1942.

Jim Fitzgerald
17-Apr-2008, 07:56
This is a great lens. It is very sharp indeed. I am using mine on my 8x20 and it has coverage to spare. This one is one of those sleeper lenses in my opinion. I have an Ilex 21 1/4" lens for my recently finished 11x14.


Dirk Rösler
17-Apr-2008, 17:26
Thanks everybody. Sounds like a fine piece of glass with plenty of coverage for my modest 8x10.

Ernest Purdum
19-Apr-2008, 09:15
Putting a prism on the front is a very old idea. It was used on daguerrrotypes (some, noit all). Since then, it has been occasionally done for timtypes and other direct positive techniques.

Ernest Purdum
19-Apr-2008, 09:18
I should have added that if you have a document, birth certificate military discharge, etc., which has white lettering on a black background, you have a "photostat", once a very common application for copying lenses with prisms attached. One more direct positive application and pre-Xerox a very common one.

21-Apr-2008, 19:46
I use this same lens on a 12x20 - no issues. Try it and see if you like it.