View Full Version : Copal with no # markings?

16-Apr-2008, 08:58
Hi guys,
I have a Fuji 135mm f5.6 on a Copal shutter. It doesn't say Copal 0 it just says Copal. My 90mm Orbit says Copal 0.

Does Copal with nothing on it be 00 size? Or 0 size?

Getting lensboards for my upcoming Chamonix.

A Charles
16-Apr-2008, 09:13
It's a Copal 0 and as far as I know none of the Fuji Mounted Copal shutters have the size designation marked on the shutter. For some reason they are all just marked Copal.

16-Apr-2008, 14:09
Both my chrome ring Fuji/Copals are just marked "Copal". One is a 125/5.6 in a Copal 0 and the other is a 210/5.6 in a Copal 1.

I'm sure the 135mm is in a Copal #0.