View Full Version : Dimensions of a Shen Hao FCL810 back

Craig Griffiths
15-Apr-2008, 21:29
Can anyone advise the size of a Shen Hao FCL810-A back. I have just ordered one and want to start making a reducing back but need to know the dimensions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dave Aharonian
16-Apr-2008, 10:42
Hi Craig,

I'm not sure all the dimensions you require, but the outer frame of the back for my FCL810 measures 312mm x 312mm. Let me know if you need any other specific measurements.


Craig Griffiths
16-Apr-2008, 12:59
Thanks Dave, exactly what I was after.

John NYC
28-Dec-2009, 20:32
Reviving this old thread because I am looking at 8x10s and dimensions of the cameras folded is one of my concerns given this age of airline restrictions. The official specs are 39cm x 24cm x 12 cm, which would be fantastic.

But if the back itself is 312mm (i.e, 31.2cm) square, I don't see how folded one side could all of a sudden become 24cm.

Would be great if someone who has one of these cameras could measure the folded dimensions (including the knobs) and post. Many thanks.

EDIT: I bet the 24 is a typo and it is supposed to be 34! However, it would still be great for someone to confirm the dimensions as it doesn't state if this is with knobs or not.