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15-Apr-2008, 20:58
I have been reading this forum for a while now and want to thank everyone for their insights. I recently purchased a iM2500 Storm Case based on what has been written in the past here. I recently received it and it looks great. I bought the padded divider set to go in it also. The iM2500 is the largest carry-on legal size they have - and it is wheeled, so it's much easier on the back for long hikes through airports. The padded divider system is nice, and contrary to what I read in at least one place, it does have padding over the little bumps in the case that are over the wheels. The latching system is extremely solid - far better than the latches on my (albeit smaller - the 1400) Pelican case. The pull handle solidly locks in place both in and out, and works nicely as a top handle when locked in the retracted position. Right now it is partitioned for my digital system, but it will be very easy to reconfigure for the soon to be acquired 5x7 field camera.

My biggest problem with the case is weight - it weighs about 11 lbs. EMPTY. Fine for carry-on travel in the USA, where I have never had a carry on bag weighed, but almost a no-go for places overseas where they are much more particular about these things. I have never had to check a bag due to weight - that's a another story for another day - but I am not sure if I can keep my perfect record with the 11 lbs of empty weight on this thing. If I did have to check something, I can do it with some confidence with the Storm case however. Also, compared to the Pelican, there are no metal inserts in holes into which a small padlock could be placed. The pelican may be slightly more secure in that way.

Overall a great deal - I paid $155 shipped with the divider system, not sure if I am allowed to mention sources, but a google search should turn up some good prices.

There are only about three pictures of the case on the web, everyone uses the same photo, so I will try to attach a few additional photos. Thanks again,


16-Apr-2008, 08:19
Wait a moment - you say you can lock the handle (?) but not the case??
With my best will I don't see anything so great on the case - except the weight, sure. Wouldn't like to lug it but to each its own.

Randy Redford
16-Apr-2008, 09:27
In the 4th photo, there is a hole drilled just outside of the handle for the hasp of a small TSA lock.