View Full Version : Shutter/Lens orientation

15-Apr-2008, 19:46
Is there a "correct" orientation of a Copal shutter, or is it preference? I don't know why, but I have the aperature open/close lever on top and the shutter release on the bottom so that the release connects horizontally. I see a lot of pictures with the shutter release in the 9 oclock position (looking from the front.) Then I saw Ansel with the release at 2 oclock and the release cable wrapped around the bottom.

Looking at how I have it connected makes me think it might be putting extra stress on the cable release connection point, but I dunno. Opinions?

Alan Davenport
15-Apr-2008, 20:00
Whatever works for you is the correct orientation.

15-Apr-2008, 20:57
7:36 is the proper location for the release........OR what Alan said.