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John Dorio
11-Sep-1998, 09:45
I have a large format Schneider Componon - S lens 150mm f/5.6. I wish to know if its a macro lens or one for general purpose use. Also I would like to know if i ts convertible without the frount elements. I haven't used it yet and I would li ke to know more about it before I do so.If it is a macro type lens, I may have t o sell it to better suit my needs.

Sergio Ortega
11-Sep-1998, 10:20
John, Am I missing something here? You have an extremely fine Schneider LF (4x5) enlarging lens, not a LF camera taking lens.

I've never used mine as a taking lens, macro or otherwise. I have only used it to enlarge 4x5 negatives, but I suppose anything is possible.

Good luck, Sergio.

Peter Hughes
11-Sep-1998, 13:15
Yes, the 150 f/5.6 Componon-S is an enlarging lens. But an enlarger is just a ca mera in reverse. So I don't see why it wouldn't work as a fine macro and/or copy lens. Very flat field! But anyway, DON'T SELL IT! Unless you plan of sticking t o contact prints, you'll need it for enlarging at some point and Componon-S's ar e among the very best available. I have two, a 50mm and a 100mm, and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Alan Gibson
11-Sep-1998, 13:50
Yes, it is an enlarging lens. Did you visit the site I suggested in my previous reply to you (http://www.schneideroptics.com/enlarge/s/s.html)?