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15-Apr-2008, 00:45
video here
Hello all - I am a newbie and incredibly grateful for all of the information I have gleaned from this forum. Recently I have been in the market for a lightweight 8x10, and with little information and much faith, I decided upon a Chamonix 8x10. I watched fleabay for 6 months, tried extensively to find a new or used Phillips, considered many of the cameras recommended by users here -- but, ultimately decided on the Chamonix. In Indianapolis, I have no place but Jack's in Muncie to view and handle the occasional stray LF, unless I make it to a show. So I was very frustrated in my search with my inability to judge the movements and nuances of the cameras I was considering.

I have also read the entire diatribe regarding Chamonix on this fine forum. I understand the economics, the patriotism, the serviceability, the lack of a trustworthy interface, and the genreral tension between skepticism and enthusiasm for the Chamonix Cameras. I bought one regardless, and I must say that it is one of the most beautiful cameras that I have ever tinkered with, and certainly owned. I'm not an expert in LF, especially 8x10, but my lovely wife will certainly confirm that I own way too many cameras.

So I made a small movie of the Chamonix 8x10, essentially to answer the questions that I had before purchasing. I wanted to know about the functionality and movements of the camera, the ease of use, and the features. The movie is here on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOjJTnuZUdY). I shot this in HD DV and if anyone wants a better mp4 or full hd, please PM me your ftp info or address and I can burn a dvd for a few bucks to cover dvd and shipping.

PS - I'm no agent for Chamonix. The 8x10 I purchased cost about $2800 w/(2) film holders, and I bought a 4x10 back for $280 + $280 for (2) 4x10 holders -- all through Hugo Zhang. He was concise, and (due to production circumstances, I suppose) the camera went from quoting cost to arrival at my office in about 10 days.

Craig McCormick

15-Apr-2008, 02:08
The beauty and the beast...:D

15-Apr-2008, 02:20
Very nice video. Thanks for the demo.

15-Apr-2008, 06:40
Very cool. I like the little bellows anti-sagging gizmo.

Peter De Smidt
15-Apr-2008, 08:42
Thanks for the video!

15-Apr-2008, 09:00
Watched it again, its better than those youtube girls shaking their bu**s!

Steven Barall
15-Apr-2008, 09:03
Thanks for the video.

Jan Pedersen
15-Apr-2008, 09:08
Nice Video Craig.
Agree 100% with you, i received mine April 4 and spent 4 days with my new 810 in Joshua Tree National monument last week. This camera is so easy to use and to set-up. Everything is so smooth and well made, it does not even feel like an 810
Well worth the cost in my opinion.


john collins
15-Apr-2008, 09:16
Nicely done. Thanks.

15-Apr-2008, 09:30
ooooo! mine should be here some day soon! you guys are killing me!

great video....can we see some back movements in the next video ie rear tilt (if any)?

Andrea Gazzoni
15-Apr-2008, 10:46
great contribution!

15-Apr-2008, 23:25
ooooo! mine should be here some day soon! you guys are killing me!

great video....can we see some back movements in the next video ie rear tilt (if any)?

Eddie - great suggestion. I completely spaced the rear tilt. I uploaded a new version of the video with a rear tilt bit in the middle here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9j7axnQhQWg). Thanks.

16-Apr-2008, 00:30
Hi Craig,

Well done vid but that music drove me to a drink! :>0

Changing the back on the Chamonix sure does look easy in comparison to changing one on the Dorff.

Hope you're enjoying the new camera. :)

Good luck


John Kasaian
16-Apr-2008, 01:22
Nicely done video, Craig. It clearly shows a lot of innovations in the design. Thanks for sharing!

20-Apr-2008, 18:33
Capo -

Ha! - I hear you about the music. Whenever I make a quick imovie I look for a tune that matches the length of the video. Liz is a friend of mine and a great musician. That old South revival piece is a bit unusual.