View Full Version : I Want to Build a Camera Base, Need Help

Brian Bullen
14-Apr-2008, 17:27
I have a B&J Grover 8x10, which has plenty of movements, but the focusing mechs/rail/tripod mount are pretty lame in general. Not to mention with all that metal it's heavy and hard to schlep through the woods.
My idea is to make a base similar to Phillips/Chamonix and attach the standards to it. I have enough confidence in my woodworking skills to make all the necessary parts the only problem I'm having is visualizing the worm gear mechanism. I've never seen one of these cameras or a worm gear in action.
Does anyone have a diagram or some detailed pictures of the worm gear from their camera?
Can anyone point me to a place that sells the needed pieces to make this work?
I really have no concept of this type of focusing drive.

I imagine this type of base would make the camera lighter and more stable. Of course it wouldn't fold up but overall be smaller.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

erie patsellis
14-Apr-2008, 18:17
google leadscrew. (and budget several hours...)


Colin Graham
14-Apr-2008, 18:21
Brian, look for lead screws from suppliers, a worm gear is something else altogether. Worm gears transfer rotary motion, usually at 90 degrees to each other; tuning pegs would be one example. Lead screws translate rotary motion to linear, which is ideal for a focusing mechanism. Simply put, the screw is fed though a mounted bearing or pillow block on the bed and then threads into a receiving nut mounted on the stage to be moved back and forth.

Robbie Shymanski
14-Apr-2008, 18:28
Search for "linear gears" and you will find some decent suppliers once you get past the automotive listings.

Brian Bullen
14-Apr-2008, 20:23
Thanks all for the replies!
Colin, special thanks to you for putting names to all the pieces involved. Knowing the names and looking at pictures has helped me figure out how it works and what exactly to look for.
Now just have to find the time to put it together.:)

14-Apr-2008, 21:16
I actually have found looking on ebay helpful for finding individual pieces like that when you are not ordering by the 1000.