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14-Apr-2008, 15:47
I have bought some 5x4 & 10x8 colour neg film which I would like to develop myself using my Jobo CPP2 c/w lift. I have the following Expert drums 3010, 3005 & 3004.

Iím sure other forum members use this set up to develop their film so I would be grateful if you could give me a run down of your procedure including the amount of chemicals you use per sheet of 5x4 & 10x8 film.

What are the pitfalls if any?

Also which C41 kits would you recommend I buy here in the UK?

Paul Ewins
14-Apr-2008, 16:11
Here's the link you need:
Scroll down and you'll find the recommendations for colour chemistry (E6 & C41) and then the minimum amounts for B&W chemistry. A 1 litre kit should be enough to process 30 sheets of 4x5 in a 3010 drum.

15-Apr-2008, 04:31
I can't help with suggestions for chemistry in the UK since I live in the US, but for 4x5 I use a 3010 and 500 mls to process 10 sheets. I use Kodak C41 chemistry (Flexicolor III comes in gallon sizes). I tried Tetenal's 3 step powdered chemistry and got horrible results with severe cyan casts in the shadows. Kodak has separate bleach and fix which supposedly helps eliminate such cyan shadow issues. I find it quite easy after hearing it would be very hard to get consistent results.

John Brady
15-Apr-2008, 07:09
I just started processing c41 with a jobo cpp2 and expert drums. I am by no means an expert but will share my experience.
I am using the 5 liter the tetenal kit that I think is distributed by jobo so hopefully you will find it in the UK. The 5 L kit is liquid and I mix what I need as I need it for one shot use. The tetenal has a bleach fixer combined (blix) That saves a step. For the 3010 drum I use 250ml and for the 3005 drum I use 350ml. Set the speed at 4 and the temp at 38.1c. The developer is 3min 15 sec.
Once I got past being freaked out by the short development time I found the whole process to be very easy, and the results to be consistent. I was always afraid to process color and now I am thrilled by being in control of every step of my work.