View Full Version : 8x10 to 4x10 for Dearddorff ?

14-Apr-2008, 11:22
Hi all,
Do you know if there is a 8x10 to 4x10 reducing back for Deardorff ?

Kevin Crisp
14-Apr-2008, 11:52
I have never seen one, there weren't film holders for film that size back then. I think the sliding panels (one horizontal and one vertical) that fit in the slots inside the regular 8X10 back would allow you to shoot 2 4X10 images on the same sheet of film.

Tracy Storer
14-Apr-2008, 15:36
I can make you one.
Send me an email if interested.

Steve Hamley
14-Apr-2008, 16:25
Does your Deardorff back take "dividers"? If so, this would be the cheap and original way to shoot 4x0 on a 'dorff, not to mention a cut darkslide as a mask which would be even cheaper.


15-Apr-2008, 23:43
Hi all,
Thank you all for your answers...
Tracy, I send you a pm...
Steve I will try your idea ...

17-Apr-2008, 07:22
I have my solution...
Thank you all,