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EuGene Smith
13-Apr-2008, 17:00
Since my message folder is allowed only 50 messages, I would like to remove most of them, but keep a few that relate to pending purchases, ongoing negotiations, etc. All I have been able to find is a empty the message folder button that removes everything. I am not real knowledgeable about computer stuff, so I need some help with this.

Ron Marshall
13-Apr-2008, 17:17
Click the check-box next to the message you wish to delete, then choose delete from the list-bow at the bottom of the page.

13-Apr-2008, 17:28
I have that problem frequently.

Assuming it wasn't an option to choose when you signed up here, and your screen looks the same as mine,

Click on Private Messages

Scroll down to look at "Last Week", "2 weeks ago", etc.

You can mouseclick on the little empty white box at the right next to the one-line subject descriptor for each message you want deleted. That will place a check mark
in each box. Be careful not to click next to something like Messages 33 unless you are sure you really WANT to delete a group of them indiscriminately.

Go to the bottom of the screen and look for 'Selected Messages Move to Folder'

The drop-down-menu arrow to the right of 'Move to Folder' will allow you to select 'Delete'. Then if you click 'Go' it will delete the messages you placed a check mark next to.

If you DO click on a group or sub-group (like just the '1 month ago' messages), I think it only deletes the ones that display on screen, because I have gotten a 'inbox full' message right away again & thought I had already taken care of it.

You can do the same with your Sent messages (possibly less necessary to save than Inbox messages). To do this, toward the top, where the contents of your inbox appear, the drop-down arrow will let you select Sent instead of Inbox.

LASTLY, the first drop-down-arrow I mentioned will not only let you move to folder and delete, it will let you export selected messages to save in other software. I haven't done that yet. I'd probably lose track of them.

13-Apr-2008, 17:28
See, that took me so long to type, Ron already answered for you :O)

Tom Westbrook
13-Apr-2008, 17:34
FYI, You can backup your messages if you want to keep an archive. The options are (bottom-right of the PM list):

Download all Private Messages as:
XML | CSV | Text

EuGene Smith
13-Apr-2008, 17:35
Thanks, folks, I will go try it out.