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13-Apr-2008, 15:10
I am interested in buying a Jobo processor, but I am having trouble with a few issues.

1. Does Jobo still make and sell processors in the U.S? If so, what models. I am concerned that if I buy one, a part could break that I couldn't replace.

2. I am interested in developing negs up to 4x5, and would like to print up to 16x20. What models can do this? Also, will Jobo processors work correctly with fiber paper?

3. What would these units cost with the required tanks for the formats listed above? My hope would be that I could buy a Jobo processor instead of a huge darkroom sink and trays etc. . .

It is my understanding that Jobos are more convenient, consistent, and that in the long run they will save on chemical costs. The problem is I cant find anything online that explains all of the questions above clearly. Any other comments or advice that I didn't directly mention would be appreciated as well. It is a whopper of a question, so thank you to those who respond!

Ron Marshall
13-Apr-2008, 15:15
Have you seen Jobo's site:


Erik Larsen
13-Apr-2008, 15:45
I heard that only the autolabs were being made anymore for sale. The CPP and CPE are discontinued. I don't know about parts availability. Ebay always seem to have some for sale. I think I read the discontinuation on the View camera strore website.

You could use a CPE for your needs if you limited your print size to 11x14 I think, not sure about 16x20. If you are printing only black and white I wouldn't bother to use a processor and use trays instead. you can pick Cpe up for very little if you are patient on the used market ($200 bucks maybe less) You can't use the Expert drums with the CPE. These units are convenient, especially the tempered bath, but you can get by easily without one as many people here do. They probably do save a little chemistry compared to inversion processing but chemicals are for the most part pretty cheap.


Martin L.
13-Apr-2008, 16:34
+1 on what Erik said. I recently purchased one and will never go back. As I understand it you can still get parts from Jobo but they seem pretty simple to repair if something should break. I got mine off of eBay but I am always watching for a another good one to come up on eBay or Craigs list (cheap). It would be nice to have a second one to cannibalize for parts if needed.