View Full Version : ERA Film in plate sizes

Martin Courtenay-Blake
13-Apr-2008, 05:10
Just had a browse of the Chinese ERA companies web site and they are offering pan film in quarter, half and full plate sizes as well as 5X4 and 10X8. The site states that the emulsion is a new formulation and they give full development and fixing details (including formulae).

Problem is where do you buy it. I think it was Virtual-Village that was selling it on Ebay some time ago but it has certainly disappeared from Ebay UK. I know V-V are still selling Shanghai film on aforementioned site.

Wondering if anyone has tried this "new formulation". If it stands up to scrutiny it may be worth buying a pallet direct from ERA and possibly splitting amoungst a few users.

May be of interest to someone out there.


Jim MacKenzie
13-Apr-2008, 08:10
I bought a box of the 4x5 sheet film a few months ago but I have no idea if it's the new formulation. It has a late 2009 expiry.

I don't know if my vendor has the plate version (he does seem to have Lucky film in 35mm and 120, and Shanghai GP3 in 120, as well as the Era in 4x5) but if you are having trouble finding a vendor, I can dig through my email records and see.

Chauncey Walden
13-Apr-2008, 13:46
When I checked on whole plate, I was told that it was a possibility but would require a massive order to actually be cut. I got some of their 7x17 and cut it down.