View Full Version : Reflex Viewer on the ZV Traditional??

12-Apr-2008, 11:23
So I'm wondering if there is a viewer compatible w/ the Calumet version of Zone VI 4x5. Is there one that can be modified?

12-Apr-2008, 16:14
This might work:


I used one of the older Cambo inline viewers...I think it's same basic design and uses the same mounting plate as this reflex viewer...with my old Zone VI. I had to slightly modify the wood frame around the groundglass and add a small clip to hold it in place.

I now use the Cambo inline viewer on my Canham DLC and it works perfectly without any modification, the DLC already has a little sliding clip that holds it in place. The Cambo viewer, either inline or reflex, simply fits into the recessed area surrounding the groundglass screen and is held in place with a small sliding clip.

I'm not sure if Cambo (Calumet) has changed the design of their viewer, the one I have is over ten years old. And I'm also not sure what version of the the Zone VI you have and if the back has changed; my old Zone VI was the Fred Picker/Wisner field version. You might call Calumet and ask if it will work since they also sold the Zone VI cameras. You might also ask Richard Ritter about this device, or any others that might work.

The Cambo viewer is a nice accessory, very lightweight but not very compact. It is way overpriced for what it is, though.

12-Apr-2008, 18:07
Thanks Pyro. I will contact Calumet.

12-Apr-2008, 18:18
I actually ipcked up a used one for much less $$$