View Full Version : RTP 64 processed b&w

Eduardo Aigner
12-Apr-2008, 05:13
Ok, I have about 100 4x5 sheets of RTP 64 Quickload, expiration date of 1999 . . . The colors are really bad: http://www.eduardoaigner.com.br/outros/filmevencido/

I am planning to process some of them as b&w, but have never tried that before. I use a Jobo CPE2 and 2500 series tank, and will use id-11 or Rodinal.

Do you have any advice ?


12-Apr-2008, 06:24
Do a few test sheets and get some times and go from there

I've never done it but I've heard of people developing colour in BW chemistry. I know C41 in BW turns out with a really thick orange base, I'm not sure what E6 will do. Someone here might have a better answer but my best advice is just shoot 4 or 5 sheets of film of the same subject with the same light and the same exposure and then just run them all at different times.