View Full Version : Upward tilt on Speed Graphic

Erik Ryberg
11-Sep-1998, 02:51
Here's a question for fellow graphic users: I have noticed that some Speed Graph ics (mine for example) enable the lens to tilt upward, but only drop to straight up and down. My old one, which I gave away, let the lens tilt down. Unless I wanted to take a picture of the Sistine Chapel's ceiling, why on earth would I e ver use upward tilt? Why are some up, some down? Are they easy to reverse?

Ron Shaw
11-Sep-1998, 13:38
If you drop the bed on the SG (or Crown), the backward tilt becomes forward tilt . For some architectural shots, backward tilt is usable (such as the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel :-)

Tony Brent
11-Sep-1998, 22:22
The reason for the rear ward tilt and rising front on the Graflex was part of th e accomodation for short focus lenses. The other part of the equation is the dro p bed. Pressing down on the rail supports lets the bed drop about 20 to 30 degre es to get out of the field of view of a short focus lens. The rise and tilt then brings the lens back on center.

For more see the Graflex site: