View Full Version : To restore or...to adapt? Wooden back on Sinar.

11-Apr-2008, 12:16
I bought an old Burke and James 8x10 which screams for new bellows. The new bellows turned out to be quite expensive, of course I did not ask about the prices before I got this camera - silly me. I also have Sinar P system with 4x5 and 5x7 backs. It made me wondering about adapting the B&J 8x10 back to Sinar instead of restoring the old camera. The point is that it is not a very rigid camera and I am not sure how well it would behave in the field. The rear standard simply does not lock very well on focusing rails. It seems not too complicated to adapt the wooden back for Sinar P function carrier. Of course this would also require new bellows but the resulting camera might be much better then the B&J.
What would be your advise?



Mark Woods
11-Apr-2008, 12:52
Sounds like a lot of work! Sell the B&J & buy an 8x10 Sinar back -- if your rear standard can take the added weight. Not all P rear standards can. You need new bellows anyway, look on ebay.

Mark Woods
11-Apr-2008, 12:54
Here' a link for one on ebay with the bellows.