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adrian tyler
11-Apr-2008, 08:48
anyone know how i'm producing the enclosed?

about one in 12 shots ends up looking like this, thanks!


11-Apr-2008, 09:01
The improved Kodak Readyload holder is the new one with the big red release button, and the grooves in the side for Graflok. It is the only one that has NOT built a sketchy reputation for reliability, light leaks, etc. In fact, many will not try this new holder because of results from the older models.

It's also improved on film flatness with a better pressure plate system.

Also, who is pulling the film out of these for processing? Dependable processor with experience on readyloads???

Ralph Barker
11-Apr-2008, 09:44
That looks like the end of the envelope to me - as in not pulled all the way to the end before exposing.

11-Apr-2008, 10:01
I've had a box (my first and last) of Readyloads with loose clips--a couple of them fell off the envelope while handling the packet.
Or the back is inadvertently raised while pulling out or inserting back the envelope? I occasionally get similar light leaks (clip side, well-defined, usually not as wide) with Quickloads. For now I'm blaming my carelessness for trying to remove the holder before completely re-inserting the envelope.

Ben Chase
11-Apr-2008, 11:14
That looks like the end of the envelope to me - as in not pulled all the way to the end before exposing.

Yup. Do you pull it out all the way and hear the click?

11-Apr-2008, 11:37
It doesn't look like that to me-
it looks fogged-
and there is evidence of the image there,
so I assume the whole piece of the film was exposed-

Are those bright streaks on the negative?

Looks very odd-
the one time something like this happened to me,
was when my 545 wasn't seated properly in the slot,
but it didn't have the sharp cutoff line-

The earlier suggestion that it might have happened during unloading sounds more plausible- inadvertent sabotage-


Gordon Moat
11-Apr-2008, 15:39
A guess is that somehow you are lifting the holder slightly when re-inserting the packet sleeve. Outside of that, I would expect some error while in processing. Definitely strange, and something I have never experienced with Readyloads or Quickloads.

Whatever you figure out, definitely let us know. It might be worth wasting a sheet of film to figure it out. Do your usual routine several times with the same packet, except don't make an exposure; just work the back of the camera. Try to notice whether the holder moves, or whether the packet bows outwards/inwards at any moment.


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Nathan Potter
11-Apr-2008, 19:01
Dunno. But I might agree with Gordon. The yellow fine line between the light struck area and the image seems like a process related defect. And the line at the interface is slightly curved suggesting a liquid meniscus with an adjacency effect within the meniscus. But hard to explain such an abrupt transition between correct exposure and light struck area.
How was this processed - what tank, tube or tray?

Nate Potter

adrian tyler
11-Apr-2008, 22:49
yep, the light has entered whilst in the camera, the bright streaks that joseph points out correspond to the graflock on my technika!

have to take a wee bit more care over here!