View Full Version : Battery Door for Horseman LX-C

Tony Flora
10-Apr-2008, 13:09
Does anybody know where I might find a replacement battery door for the depth of field computer on the LX-C. I just got one off eBay that is missing that and a small spring pin for the gears underneath the standard. I have checked with Horseman repair in NYC and Casey is looking into it but is not very confident that Horseman Tokyo will have the battery door and if they do, it will be $125-$150.......ouch! Any help would be appreciated.


Tony Flora
11-Apr-2008, 13:54
Casey from Horseman repair in NYC got back to me today about the battery door and it's over $200 plus shipping. Time for plan B. Does anyone know anything about manufacturing small (3/4"x1 1/2" ish) plastic parts? I have done some searching online and it looks like small plastic parts can be molded with different types of plastic. The question is how do I get the design right and what type of plastic do I use. I would also need to install some contacts on the door for the batteries. The door itself is flat but it appears that there might be a lip on the bottom and some grooves on the sides. The easiest thing to do would be to get a mold from the actual door. Does anyone here have an LX-C? Would you be willing to help with a mold? Not sure how that would work but I can't imagine it being too difficult to make a mold.