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10-Apr-2008, 12:11
Hello all,
I just made the jump to large format, picking up a Horseman Woodman. My issue is that the previous user removed the tripod plate from the camera, but provided it to me. I notice that there is another piece that should fit beneath the plate, but this piece was not provided.

Does anyone have any idea what piece I am referring to? If so, where could I get a replacement?



Ron Marshall
10-Apr-2008, 13:13
Try Jim at Midwest Photo Exchange:


Doremus Scudder
12-Apr-2008, 09:56

I think I saw this camera for sale on our favorite auction site... I almost bid, but have too many cameras already.

At any rate, I have a Woodman, and your question piqued my curiosity. So, I disassembled mine to find out. The components are surrounding my computer as I write this.

First, on my woodman, there is no piece of wood or anything else that fits between the tripod plate and the camera base. However, my camera has a kind of two-part construction. I'll try to describe it (sorry, no digital camera here in my Vienna apartment and I won't be back to the states till June...)

First, the tripod socket itself is in an approximately one-inch diameter T-nut. This is inset into the camera base so it fits flush. It is held in place with three small wood screws. The barrel section (vertical part of the "T") of the fitting fits into a hole drilled completely through the camera base. This part of the fitting is visible from the inside of the camera.

This is covered with an aluminum plate that is about 2 1/4 inches in diameter and has a hole in the middle that that a small raised portion of the T-nut section just fits into. It is held on to the camera base with six small wood screws. This is the part with the relief-embossed "Woodman 45 Japan" on it.

Your camera may be a bit different, but I'm hoping this helps a bit.

At any rate, if you have all the parts you need, then even if you need some kind of shim or wooden spacer, you should be able to cobble it together yourself. After all, it just has to hold the tripod screw fitting securely to the camera base... No great feat of carpentry with this basic-style camera.

Hope this helps some,


Doremus Scudder

15-Apr-2008, 11:50
Thanks to both of you. I actually was able to get ahold of the repairs dept. at Horseman USA. They are shipping the part from Tokyo, and I should get it in about a month.

I would be inclined to assemble the part myself, but I have no previsualization of it, and prefer to get it right by purchasing from Horseman.

And yes, this was that camera from our favorite auction site.

Thanks again.