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9-Apr-2008, 16:37
Can I properly use them w/ Kodak Readyloads also? I am wondering since I'm reading about flatness issues w/ the Polarroid holder. Making plans for nest shoot and want to ready myself.

9-Apr-2008, 17:36
yes, but make sure you get the latest Kodak Readyload. It has a big red release button. It now has a spring loaded pressure plate AND it has the side slots for Graflok backs. Earlier Kodak readyloads (I and II I think) had many problems. I thought the Polaroid 545i Pro also had a springloaded pressure plate which has been the common problem with film flatness in terms of Quick and Ready load packets.

9-Apr-2008, 17:57
To make sure...
Readyload HOLDER can be used with both Readyload and Quickload FILM PACKETS.
Quickload HOLDER can be used only with Quickload FILM PACKETS.

You'd want a Readyload HOLDER if you want to have one holder that works with both Kodak and Fuji film packets.

John Brady
9-Apr-2008, 18:14
If you want the one that works all the time, get the fuji quick load holder and only use fuji film. The readyload is not as reliable.

9-Apr-2008, 18:24
Awwww....I read Hiro's response and my eyes lit up w/ hope.....I read John's and my heart sank....

9-Apr-2008, 18:28
I may go for the Kodak.....it seems reasonable that a newer model has been corrected.

Ron Marshall
9-Apr-2008, 19:09
Go for the Kodak, the current model works fine with Kodak and Fuji.

9-Apr-2008, 19:34
When I started LF, I didn't know which system would work best for me (films, packets vs. DDS, etc.). I also wanted to limit the initial investment, so I bought a Polaroid holder that did all three (Pola/Quick/Ready). Now I know I like LF and understand how I work, so I want to get a "proper" holder(s). If it's like that with you, it's not a bad idea to start with a Readyload holder, then get a Quickload holder later if/when you see a benefit.

Ben Chase
9-Apr-2008, 19:45
I just use the Kodak Readyload holder right now only as a backup, it has never failed me for Quickloads or Readyloads. The unfortunate thing is that by using either system, you limit the types of film you can use. But they are sure convenient in a pinch....and no dust worries.

10-Apr-2008, 10:52
Well.....I don't plany to use quick/readyloads all the time. For field work only. If I want to do still lifes at home, I can always take my to load holders. Limiting the film type may not be such a bad thing. It does make for consistency.

Gordon Moat
10-Apr-2008, 11:40
I have successfully used both types of holders for the other brands packet systems. I consider each holder a back-up device for the other. However, if you are too fast, too impatient, or careless, you will cause a jamb, and the only way to solve that would be to tear open the holder. Also, if you get a packet into the holder flipped the wrong way around, it will get stuck.

It is better to have the proper holder with the corresponding packet. You can use the opposite packet to holder, but need to be very careful, very slow, and very methodical. If you don't want to be careful, or are impatient, then don't try it. I would suggest taking a packet that you can waste, and doing a test run first.


Gordon Moat Photography

10-Apr-2008, 15:20
Well.....if I ever learn anything from LF photography, I hope it will be patience. The Los Angeles freeways certainly do not promote that.