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9-Apr-2008, 09:06
I wonder if anyone used Arista Edu Ultra film for AZO, POP or Pt/Pd printing. I just upgraded form 5x7 to 8x10 and I feel forced to look for cheaper film. I am mostly printing on AZO and POP and I wonder if Arista Edu Ultra can be developed to high contrast required for these papers. Of course I can order a box of 4x5 to do my own tests but I was thinking of asking first.

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9-Apr-2008, 10:36
funny, I tried some Fomapan 200 (which is , I believe, what is in the Arista EDU Ultra package) and didn't like it becuse it was too contrasty for projection prinitng on MGIV. I was rating it at EI-100 and devloping in D-76 and HC-110 dilution D.

9-Apr-2008, 13:35
I have found that with drum processing at least it is very easy to get too much contrast for enlarging so I would say that I would think you should be able to get what you are looking for.

9-Apr-2008, 14:42
Thank you very much. I will order a small box of 4x5 then and do BTZS tests on it,

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23-Sep-2009, 09:15
Odd thing I use arista edu ultra 200(foma) for regular printing and develop in D-23 2:1 and have no contrast problems with projection printing on freestyles edu ultra VCFB paper(foma). It may be because I use an aristo blue/grn cold light though. I have also used MGIV and had the same results. I have also tried rodinal 50:1 with the same results. I have had good results using microphen 3:1 also.

Ralph Miyashiro
23-Sep-2009, 12:29
Jan, a bit off topic, but do you coat your own POP? I was using Centennial POP until it went out of production and would love to find a source for this paper. Thanks,


Drew Wiley
23-Sep-2009, 13:04
EDU 200 should easily build the high contrast you need. And it has a long straight line.
Developed to somewhat lower contrast, however, it is just fine for projection printing on ordinary papers.