View Full Version : Recommendations to buy 4x5 in UK?

8-Apr-2008, 05:08
Hi there - I've been looking around for sheet film in 4x5 sizes in the UK, but I can only find FP4, Delta100, HP5 and Fomapan at the moment.
I really like Acros100 in 120, Tri-x and PanF, but can't find these anywhere in sheet format. What about Bergger? Does anyone have a source for these in the UK, or do I have to order abroad?

Lastly, I've not used Fomapan before - is it any good. It seems to be very decently priced at silverprint.

8-Apr-2008, 05:48
Robert White (http://www.robertwhite.co.uk) in Poole have Acros in 5x4 format...
Linhof & Studio (http://www.linhofstudio.com/products/fineart/Film.html) in Essex sell Bergger film, also in 5x4.

David Rees
8-Apr-2008, 06:14
I believe Acros 100 5x4 is only available as Quickloads in the UK -- that's what RW stocks, anyway. I did ask them a year ago, and a quick search of their website today seems to confirm this.

You can order loose sheet 5x4 from Japan as sheets, hovever -- a firm called Megaperls (http://www.unicircuits.com/shop/) can provide it. It is listed in 20 sheet boxes at Y3,432. Postage would be on top, plus VAT and the delivery charge levied by the shipping company for collecting VAT on behalf of HMG. (If you have not bought internationally before, be warned that the last charge can range from £8 to £15 or so -- irrespective of parcel value). Makes sense to buy in bulk if you import.

I would like to use Acros 100 in 5x4, but never got around to ordering any due to the cost implications, so I settled on Delta 100.



katie cooke
8-Apr-2008, 09:50
silverprint (http://silverprint.co.uk) also sells tri-x in boxes of 50 4x5 sheets. They have adox films, too, along with the ilford and foma films you've mentioned. I don't think PanF is made in sheet film.

I've not used any foma sheet film, but the foma action 400 is pretty nice as roll film, though I prefer it for higher key stuff than my usual dark-on-dark-on-gloom stuff.

Pete Watkins
8-Apr-2008, 11:41
Try Silverprint and if they do Rollie (spelling) It's expensive but fantastic. Adox emultions are nice in my experience. Mr. Cad provides a really good service on sheet film. With the dollar as it is importing from The States is a really practical proposition.
Decisions, decisions, decisions!
Best wishes,

Jim MacKenzie
8-Apr-2008, 12:57
Fomapan is a nice film. It's grainier than other films of its speed, but this is not much of an issue at this size. I like the tonality (I develop it simply in ID-11/D-76 1:1; I finally developed a roll of it in PMK a couple of weeks ago and it looks good but I haven't printed it yet).

Fomapan is more prone to scratches than Kodak, Ilford and Fuji film so it invites some careful technique in the darkroom.

Paul H
10-Apr-2008, 03:30
I quite like Fomapan 100. It's price is pretty good too.

I develop it in PC-TEA 1+50 in a paterson orbital.

It's definitely worth trying a box. You should be able to get it from Silver Print or Retrophotographic.