View Full Version : mounting a sinar db-shutter on an ansco

8-Apr-2008, 05:08

has anyone ever thought/tried mounting a sinar db shutter on an 8*10 ansco or similar camera? I can buy one relatively cheap, and it would make working with old brass lenses a lot easier,

any thought?



Ken Lee
8-Apr-2008, 07:32
Depending on who does the work, it might be cheaper to just get a used Sinar camera. I got mine for less than a new Chinese wooden camera.

8-Apr-2008, 11:00
Yes, I'm doing that right now. There are basically two solutions:

1) the Sinar-Copal shutter turned front-to-back. In that case you fix directly the Sinar-Copal on a lensboard and you can mount easily the older (green) Sinar boards, or, when loosing a bit the little screws, also the black modern ones. The advantage of that solution is a thin, pretty light, option. Inconvenience is that you don't really use the standard fixing method like it was foreseen. This leads to solution

2) From back to front: mounting plate - wooden or metal plate of 3/4inch thickness - green (!) old Sinar (Norma) plate - Sinar Copal - Sinar 4x5" frame (I got one used on the bay for 20 bucks) - classical black Sinar boards.

Inconvenience of solution 2: pretty heavy. Advantage: The shutter can be dismounted at any moment and used with another system, typically a Sinar directly....

If you have any questions, don't hesitate...


8-Apr-2008, 11:15
Hi torsten,

any pictures of your great work would be very welcome!
I have to find out which type of DB shutter it is, I can
go take a look tomorrow,