View Full Version : X-Ray Fogging?

Paul Bujak
7-Apr-2008, 12:21
I just got a Calumet C1 8x10 camera and decided to try Ekfe PL 100 film. To not waste large sheets in calibrating my personal EI, I also got some Efke R100 to use in a roll film holder with a 4x5 reducing back and some 4x5, too. After carefully exposing a roll at various settings, I developed it in Rodinal with a Jobo CPE-2. So far, everything was good.

I was very surprised to find that there were repeating fogged areas on the edges and worse, the numbers on the film backing paper were exposed on the film. Could this be x-ray fogging during film shipment? Is my holder radioactive? I might understand if the edges were fogged due to sloppy handling but how do the numbers get recorded on the film?

I have a couple more rolls. Should I experiment with those and then send the bad ones back for a refund? I am now running my trials with 4x5 film. I hope that is OK. Any help?


7-Apr-2008, 13:17
Certainly not x-rays. The paper backing material and inks would be completely transparent to X-Rays. More likely a storage issue.

8-Apr-2008, 12:17
I had also, some years ago, the same problem with Efke: the back film paper "printed" on the film. It was a 127 film used in a Baby Box Tengor from Zeiss Ikon. Recently I had fogging with Foma 100 18x24 on the first film sheet in a box. The one that was in contact with carton paper inside the plastic bag. I think it is a kind of chemical reaction with a non acid free paper. Bad factory specification for sure. Wagner