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7-Apr-2008, 04:34
Hi there - I'm a total newbie into the field (no pun intended) of LF. A friend has lent me his Linhof Kardan Color 45 on a long loan to learn the craft of LF.

He didn't get round to showing me whether the back rotated or not (we only had time for a 30 minute whistlestop tour of the camera!) so my question is, does mine rotate?

It's a sprung back with two little rectangular notched buttons either side of the ground glass panel - one at the top right of the back, and one at the bottom right. They are both marked "off" (as far as i remember...i'm at work right this minute and the camera's at home).

I'm not sure if these are locks/stays for a rotating back, or whether they are something else.

I would ask the owner, but he's un-contactable for a few days!

Peter K
7-Apr-2008, 05:19
The Kardan Color has the same ground glass panel as the Technika. You can remove the groundglass by pressing the two levers near the middle simultaniously and mount a rollfilm back. This back will be locked with the two buttons top left and right from the groundglass. To rotate the whole back there is one little knob at the right side. After pressing this knob the back can be rotated. This knob only snaps in when the back is rotated the full 90° in each direction.

Have fun with the LF camera!

Peter K

7-Apr-2008, 08:32
thank you peter! i will look for that when i get home...was quite frustrating the other day when i wanted a portrait format, but couldn't figure out how to rotate the back!