View Full Version : New T-Max 400 in 5x7?

Arthur Nichols
6-Apr-2008, 10:09
Does anyone know when the new T-Max 400 will be available in 5x7?

John Bowen
6-Apr-2008, 16:43
When Kodak does the ULF order later this year, Michael Kadillak has stated that they will cut it in 5x7......so just be patient.

John Bowen
6-Apr-2008, 16:51

Here is the post from Apug....it was posted in April 2008

Michael Kadillak

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Originally Posted by Sal Santamaura
Can you provide an update about when and in what sizes the TMY2 will be offered? Thanks in advance.

Sure Sal.

A couple of months ago I felt that I had handed off the baton to the new corporate sponsor for the ULF sheet film deal. Unfortunately, the sponsor did not make as much progress as I would have hoped so I have re-inserted myself in the process to get things back on track and get some stinking TMY(2) sheets cut for all of us. Kodak has been great and we have nearly resolved the issues of packaging (correct size this time around and triple boxes), # sheets per box (either 20 or 25 - not sure which but I am pushing for 25 per box) and flexibility of ordering throughout the year at two month increments so we will have a steady influx of sheet film in any size that we can muster some very reasonable quantities for. These quantities would be what any minimum order that individuals would need to meet and this standard has been around since 1995 and possibly earlier. The best part is that we will secure a far better price from Kodak by committing to a Master Roll purchase over the year.

As far as sizes we can cut anything as long as we have sufficient interest for it to make sense. I want to give everyone ample time to get their funds together in the sense of plenty of advance notification as these are hard times economically for everyone. But where there is a will there is always a way. Give us a few more weeks to finish the last details and we should be ready to go. I am on this project like a cheap suit because we all want access to this sheet film in all of our BAC (big ass cameras) ASAP. Smaller formats like 5x7 I expect will be included and stocked in one of the first orders and come in 50 sheeet boxes. I do not want anyone thinking that we are avoiding these formats. Anything other than what is cut by Kodak (which is only 4x5 and 8x10) is open season with the ULF program.

Time to start thinking about putting some money aside for sheet film.


Arthur Nichols
6-Apr-2008, 17:47
Thanks for the info. I thought that I might have missed the special order. I just can't get Tri-X to do things that T-Max 400 will do.