View Full Version : INKA AT Anybody?

Haim Toeg
9-Mar-2001, 09:21
Hello All,

I am relatively new to the world of Large Format--after lurking here for a while and trying friends' cameras I have recently bought an Inka AT camera with some lenses. I am trying to locate as much information as possible about this camera and would appreciate any input.

For those who never heard of Inka--it is an all metal 4"x5" monorail, made in Th e Netherlands. It uses Sinar components, lensboards, bellows, etc, and has lots of extention with 480mm rail. It is a truly beautiful mechanical piece of work with all the movements, screws, buttons, etc nicely machined. I got it with th ree lenses, 135/5.6 symmar, 210/5.6 APO symmar and 90/5.6 Fuji.

By the way, I did make some shots, flowers and portraits, with it using Polaroid 55 film, I have one word to say: "WOW"!

Ellis Vener
9-Mar-2001, 15:01
The Inka is a terrific camera but virtually unknown in the USA. Try www.plumeltd.com and ask for Gary Regester.

andrea milano
13-Mar-2001, 05:20
What do you want to know about it? I owned a Inka at some stage and liket it for some things and less for other things, the company is still active but not exactly flourishing, if you are more precise I will elaborate. greetings