View Full Version : Do Wisner 8x10 boards fit Tachihara 8x10?

4-Apr-2008, 09:04
Hello, I'm wondering if a Wisner 8x10 lens board will fit onto a newer model Tachihara 8x10 front standard?

Anyone know what other boards natively (no adapter) fit the Tachihara 8x10 as well?


Geary Lyons
4-Apr-2008, 10:47
I believe that they do. When I was looking to adapt my Wisner 5x7 to my default Technika boards, Jim at MPEX suggested the Tachihara 8x10 adapter board. Give him a call to confirm, he is a great guy. BTW, I decided to have Richard Ritter convert the Wisner front standard to Technika. Inexpensive, reversible and very well done.


4-Apr-2008, 10:49
Good suggestion Geary, Jim is actually who sold the Tachihara to me, I'll ask him! :-)

Daniel Grenier
4-Apr-2008, 11:01
The Wisner boards won't fit but Sinars will. My Wisner 7x17 is modified to accept Sinar boards and my Wista 8x10 accepts Sinar boards normally (Tachi is the same as Wista I believe). The Wisner boards are smaller than the Sinars (if I recall correctly).

Ralph Barker
4-Apr-2008, 13:38
The "native" boards for m 8x10 Tachi measure 140mm square, with a 7mm wide offset on the back for the light trap.

4-Apr-2008, 13:39
I think the Sinar boards are my best bet. Thanks :-)