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Emmanuel BIGLER
4-Apr-2008, 05:40
Sorry if this is not fresh news since I discovered afterwards that this product had been announced on the Moersch web site one year ago (March 2007).
Here is the story : browsing through the on-line MACO web shop, I found a direct-positive printing paper, apparently the revival of Kodak Kodaprove(TM) for those who remember the good old days of zero-computer work in the printing process !

the product is named : Kraus Silber Gelatine Papier

Summary for those who do not read German : direct-positive printing paper, non need of a reversal process, sensitivity 6/9 ISO, useable in a film holder as a "paper negative" except that this a a "paper positive"
Not panchromatic since it can be manipulated in red light. Probably orthochromatic...
Available in 8x10" format.
I prefer not to comment on the price at a time when the EURO exchange rate is not very favourable to the US dollar...

Also available from the Swiss shop ars-imago
And from the Austrian shop Foto Riegler in format 40x50 cm (16x20")

B. Dubroqua
11-Aug-2009, 04:58
Bonjour Emmanuel,
Je suis actuellement ŕ la recherche de papiers sur lesquels je pourrai faire des prises de vue directes. Avez-vous testé le Kraus Silber Gelatine? Si oui, que pouvez-vous m'en dire? Rendu, sensibilité, etc...

11-Aug-2009, 06:56
this paper is sold by Freestyle in the USA under the Efke brand