View Full Version : Reverse processing

4-Apr-2008, 05:15
I have a book somewhere that gives the chemistry for reverse processing (turning a negative into a positive) .... now, which book could that be? Anyone tried this at home recently? I think it involved dichromate, which I have.

Emmanuel BIGLER
4-Apr-2008, 05:21
There are some informations about the reversal process on Ilford's web site

Another very recent document

Plus many discussions like this one

Kirk Keyes
4-Apr-2008, 08:04
Reverse processing. I thought you meant fixer first, then stop, and finally developer. I accidentally did that once. I don't recommend it...

Helen Bach
4-Apr-2008, 09:02
...unless you want really slow film for really long exposures. (post-fixation physical development)

Ron Marshall
4-Apr-2008, 09:47
Off topic, but the Dr5 site has examples of various reverse processed films, using their process.


Jorge Gasteazoro
4-Apr-2008, 10:40
Yes dichromate is used to bleach the latent image, re expose to light and redevelop. You can find a couple of very good articles in unblinkingeye.com.