View Full Version : Singh-Ray Grad Filter Distortion

3-Apr-2008, 18:09
Got a potentially stupid question for y'all.

I just bought a Singh-Ray ND-3G-SS Graduated Neutral Density filter and used it for the first time last week. In the area where I placed the transition zone, the image is distorted. See the attached images. Is this normal? Do I have a bad filter?

The entire photo...where it darkens is where I placed the transition zone

Close-up of the distorted area


Ron Marshall
3-Apr-2008, 18:31
I see the distortion.

I have ND grads and have never noticed that in photos taken with them.

Don Boyd
3-Apr-2008, 20:01
Brett, I use 2 Singh-Ray Grad filters and have not seen any distortion in them.

3-Apr-2008, 20:08
Yikes! I'd do another test, perhaps without using any movements... If the same marks appear, send it back. Their filters are expensive enough that they'd ought to have stellar customer service and a decent warranty....


3-Apr-2008, 20:24
I'd do as alec suggests... I've used Singh-Ray, Lee, and HiTech grads for years and have never noticed any distortion... including images printed quite large (24x30). They should be perfectly free of distortions... maybe something went awry in the coating process. Surely looks like a bad filter.....

4-Apr-2008, 05:31
OK, thanks for the info. Glad to know that it's not something I did. I'll give their customer service line a call today.

Ben Chase
7-Apr-2008, 15:41
One thing you might try is to hold the suspect filter up to another piece of film that you know is nice and sharp, then move the filter up and down to see if there is any change in perceived sharpness at a specific spot.

But I'm sure the customer service folks will take care of you in any case.

7-Apr-2008, 17:12
Sure enough, you look at the filter closely, move it back and forth across a detailed surface and the distortion is easy to see. I called Singh-Ray customer service on Friday and they're shipping me a new filter.

Thanks for your answers, folks.


9-Apr-2008, 11:40
A replacement filter just arrived on my doorstep from Singh-Ray via FedEx. I called them on Friday to report my problem, and I've got a new filter three business days later.

Now that's customer service. Thanks, Singh-Ray!