View Full Version : 1981-1989 and 1974-78 Schneider Large Format Lens Price List

nick rowan
8-Mar-2001, 19:41
Does anyone have Schneider large format lens price lists from the years 1981-89? More than prices, I am interested in what focal lengths they made of certain l enses during this period.

I would also be interested in the same thing for the years circa 1974-78.

Thank you.

James Meckley
8-Mar-2001, 22:56
I believe I have a Schneider lens catalogue (though *not* a price list) from the 1974-78 period. I'll try to dig it up tonight, but you may have to give me a few days.

neil poulsen
8-Mar-2001, 23:16
You can also check the Schneider webpage. There's a lot there. For example, the Symmary-S data would cover most of the 80's. The Symmar data earlier than that. The Super-Angulons haven't really changes that much in their basic specs. Etc. Check out the following:


nick rowan
9-Mar-2001, 11:56

No rush--whenever you can find your Schneider lens catalog from the mid or late 1970's I would be very interested in obtaining a copy of it, by whatever means is easiest, email, fax, or mail; I can reimburse you for photocopying and shipping. Thanks alot.