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Tim Kimbler
3-Jan-2001, 18:13
I just got a 159mm Wolensak F12 lens for my 8X10. I'm looking for information a bout the lens from folks using it. I will be using it for B&W Landscape, contac t, both Brown and AZO prints. Any information would be great.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
3-Jan-2001, 18:31
This cut and pasted from another news group:

"The table I have lists the 12.5 Wollensak as having a 379 mm image circle and 100 degrees of coverage. That sounds like it could be about right. I believe you need to stop right down to f16 or f22 when shooting to get rid of residual aberrations, but this is only a guess based on info provided on lenses of similar vintage (the Angulon) where the wide open aperature is for viewing only."


"I don't have access to pricing information of the period and was not aware that the 159mm f/12.5 Wollensak Extreme Wide Angle lens was marketed as a cheaper version of the f/9 specimen. It was my impression that the difference is somewhat like that of the Protar IV and Protar V, in that the later, though of smaller maximum aperture, has somewhat greater coverage."


"Many years ago I had an oppoertunity to compare the f/12.5 and f/9 versions of the two Wollensak EX. WA lenses (they were both Velostigmats) and the f/12.5 model did indeed have greater coverage. Since coverage is a really important feature this fact should explain why the f/12.5 model has a market value close to the f/9. In fact for my money the greater coverage would make the f/12.5 model more valuable."

I have the 9.5 and couldn't be happier - unless of course what they say about the 12.5 is true.