View Full Version : "Cooke Series II SOFT lens"

2-Apr-2008, 11:04
Anyone know what shutter this lens fits into? Also...is this lens that Cooke desingned their last "portrait: len on?

Steve Hamley
2-Apr-2008, 19:18
It doesn't fit into any shutter. Lenses of this type were typically used with behind-the-lens Packard shutters or front-mounted shutters like the Luc (or a front-mounted Packard).

The "current" Cooke PS - if that's what you mean - was designed on a Pinkham and Smith portrait lens.



John Kasaian
2-Apr-2008, 22:03
I've got a 13-incher that came in a Betax but I don't know if it was a custom mounting job or not.

Ernest Purdum
3-Apr-2008, 08:53
From an old catalog: "These (Ser. II) Cooke Anastigmats can be fitted to most shutters now on the market. When ordering with shutters specify make and for price add the list price of shutter to list price of lens. No extra charge for fitting."

The same catalog lists Ser. II lenses with Compound shutters.