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john g
3-Jan-2001, 17:43
I was wondering if anyone had experience with fuji velvia and provia with a slightly blueish cast. I had thought that the outdated 4X5 velvia {shot w ith linhof tech5/schneider lens / daylight / various times of day} that has been in my frezer for years might be the problem but Two in date rolls of 120 Provia 400F {shot with fuji med. format point and shoot / daylight and or flash / vari ous times of day} that I recently purchased have the same effect. They were both dev. at a pro lab in Chicago {no names used to protect the poss. innocent} that only developes E-6 I,m guessing a 81A would fix the problem but do I always have to use a warming f ilter? Thanks in advance for the sugestions and help john

James Phillips
3-Jan-2001, 20:07

All the information that I have on E6 film such as Velvia and Provia indicated that a blueish cast is caused by improper development. Doing my development at home has convinced me that this is indeed correct. Go to the kodak.com site and search for E6 and you will find a "pdf" download that will explain all of the many possible development errors that can occur to cause the "blueish tinge'

Pete Caluori
3-Jan-2001, 21:10
Greetings John, I agree with the previous post. Velvia can take on a slight bluish cast if underexposed, but Provia 100F tends to be on the warm side (I've not used 400F.) Also, if you're shooting at altitude, the nature of the light and lack of atmospheric crap can render any color film slightly blue. The most probable cause is the processing. Try another lab and compare results.


Bill Jefferson
4-Jan-2001, 07:03
Hi All,

from time to time i screw up processing, even when using polaroid 809, which i did yesterday on one, and a bluish cast can also be a indication of fog, sorry for the additional frustration this may cause