View Full Version : Singh-Ray Color LB Intensifier filter?

Stephen Willard
1-Apr-2008, 14:07
I am considering purchasing a 4x4 Singh-Ray Color LB Intensifier glass filter. They are not cheap at $360. Has any one used one of these filters? Does it really work?

Any comments or considerations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...

Atul Mohidekar
1-Apr-2008, 18:41
Hi Stephan,

If your workflow includes digitizing the captured image by first scanning it, the color intensifier filters cannot match the infinite flexibility offered by post processing the digitized image in a good image editor such as Photoshop, IMO. In that case, I would just use Photoshop to tune the colors instead of using a color intensifier filter.

OTOH, I do use the rectangular Singh-Ray graduated ND filters (to keep the image tonal range within the range of a transparency film) and they are first-rate.

// Atul

Stephen Willard
1-Apr-2008, 19:44
Thanks Atul, but my workflow and post production efforts take me to the darkroom and not to my desktop computer.

Ben Chase
4-Apr-2008, 16:19
Some of the big names use the color intensifier - I haven't used it yet, so I can only rely on the testimony and examples of others. But Singh-ray is a reputable company that makes a very good product - so I don't think you would be disappointed.