View Full Version : Lens board adapter

Richard Bennett
7-Mar-2001, 15:06
I have a Toyo 45AII with 110X110 lens boards. I have aquired a Sinar F1 with 13 9X139 lens board requirements. I need an adapter for the Sinar that will allow the use of the Toyo boards. Can you help?

N Dhananjay
7-Mar-2001, 15:17
www.skgrimes.com. Cheers, DJ.

Al Harrison
16-Mar-2001, 22:50
Richard, I just replied to a question about using a recessed board with a 58mm lens on a ToyoAX.

I have a ToyoAII and Sinar as well and a couple of other studio cameras. I have now mounted all my lenses on the AII 110mm boards and adapted them to all my other cameras. I have an extra adapter board for Toyo45AII to Sinar 5-1/2" board which I made and could be pursuaded to sell it or make another one. Not particularily easy but light and efficient.

Putting all my lenses onto AII boards makes them much more compact as well as all being usable on the AII. And, Toyo110mm boards are usually 1/2 the price of Sinar boards. Copal 3 works fine with the 110mm board, but lenses that are mounted on Copal 3 are usually too heavy for the 45AII.

S.K. Grimes does great work as well. (www.skgrimes.com)