View Full Version : Orbit 65mm f/8 - 4x5? Is it a super angulon?

31-Mar-2008, 15:17
I saw one of these on consignment somewhere and the store owner swears it covers 4x5, but I'm not totally convinced - it looks very tiny. Anybody know the identity of this lens? It's made in Germany and it sort of looks Super Angulon-ey, but I'm not really sure having never seen the schneider. Any useful info?

Really Big Cameras
31-Mar-2008, 15:44

Yes, it's a re-branded 65mm f8 Super Angulon of early 1970s manufacture. It is single coated and off the top of my head I think the rated image circle is 155mm. So, it will just barely hit the corners of 4x5.

I believe Orbit was a house brand of Burke & James. The same lens was also sold re-branded as the Caltar WII by Calumet and, of course, by Schneider as the Super Angulon.

Kerry Thalmann
Really Big Cameras

31-Mar-2008, 18:07
Any idea of the value of such a monster? The seller is asking $600 which seems a bit over the top.

1-Apr-2008, 03:38
Schnaider SA 65mm/8 goes lately for around 200 EUR.

1-Apr-2008, 10:42
I have the Super Angulon 65/8 and the Orbit 65/8 appears to be a Super Angulon. It does cover 4X5 but the fall can be strong. No way I'd pay $600 for it. Most I've watched have sold a little under $300 in either a prontor 00 or compur 00 shutter. Mine is in a compur 00.

You didn't ask but...
I also have a 75/8 Super Angulon and though I've only had it a short time, I prefer it, though they seem to sell for a bit more (roughly $400). It is easier to work with since there is a little more focal distance. I've seen these in compur 00, compur 0 and copal 0. I'd get one of the #0 shutters if given a choice. I got one in a Compur 0.

John Schneider
1-Apr-2008, 11:10
If you are patient you can find the Calumet version of this lens in a modern Copal 0 shutter; I got mine from Mpex for around $350. For some reason it seems to have more coverage than the older Schneider version in a Compur 00 and a helical mount that I used to have.