View Full Version : Must I change my SA 75/8 and 98/8 with a new SS80 XL?

Mario Caruso
7-Mar-2001, 14:17
I'm an architect and sometimes I take picture of architectures and landscapes (b ut itsn't my main job), mainly for publishing, with a ligth Tachihara 4x5 (even if I use very often smaller format on rollfilm -6x7), so I need a light equipmen t, but with the best quality and resolution that I can afford.

Until now I was working with a new Rodenstock 55/4.5, an old SA 75/8 (very old, almost like me... and with a very small image circle), a very very old SA 90/8 ( with a terrible shutter...), a new AS 180/5.6 and a new Nikkor M 300/9. I'd like to add a SS 120 HM. I'm in doubt if is a good idea, for my main kind of photos (achitecture and land scape), change both the SA with a new and light SS 80 XL.

Before the Schneider announcement I was thinking to change them with new ApoGran dagon lenses....

Someone can help me?

Good wishes to everybody from Italy.

7-Mar-2001, 15:12
Best quality and light? Nikkor 90/8SW and SA58XL , both take 67mm CF. Some lens ideas for architecture are <a href="http://www.archiphoto.com/personal%20pages/LFlenses.html">here</ a>.

Glenn Kroeger
7-Mar-2001, 17:03
Mario: I also use the 55 Apo-Grandagon, it is wonderful. I would agree with Andre, that the 90 f/8 Nikkor is a wonderful combination of sharp, light and large image circle. I have yet to hear field reports on the 80mm SS XL. The theoretical curves on the Schneider web site are OK, but not spectactular... that's why I would wait until somebody actually shoots with it and reports back.

Bob Salomon
8-Mar-2001, 08:05
Have you looked at the MTF curves to compare the performance. Checked the distor tion curves, the color correction curves, etc.

Have you found that you arre dissatisfied with the performance of your current l enses.

And finally rent the lenses you think you might want and SEE WHAT THE DIFFERENCE S ARE.