View Full Version : Crown graphic problems

31-Mar-2008, 12:51
i just bought a crown graphic and for some reason when i shoot the right half of the focusing rails keeps creeping into the frame, but its not actually in the frame, it looks more like a double exposure, and i cant see anything on the ground glass. anyone had this problem before? I have an ektar 127 on it if that has any impact.


Dave Moeller
31-Mar-2008, 12:55
Check the front of your camera for pinholes. It sounds like you've got a pinhole somewhere up there that's casting the image of the rail onto your film. Leave the lensboard and lens on the camera (shutter closed), take the back off, take the whole thing into a dark room, and stick a lightbulb inside. You'll likely find a hole somewhere near the rail, either in your bellows or somewhere on/around your lensboard.

Best of luck.

31-Mar-2008, 13:48
yeah i had a blonde moment and forgot to tape up the screw holes after i removed the solenoid, i put the screws back in and taped them into place,

its always the simple solutions isn't it, lol

thank you.

Glenn Thoreson
31-Mar-2008, 15:58
You had a pinhole camera and didn't even know it. :D

31-Mar-2008, 21:33
Man! Great catch, Dave.

Dave Moeller
2-Apr-2008, 12:30
Experience is a great teacher. :)