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31-Mar-2008, 11:54
I'm still figuring out what kind of film I want to settle on. Naturally, I could shoot different films, but for the time being I want to keep it simple. I've heard such good things about the new emulsion T-Max 400 that I'd like to shoot that, but it's not available in Readyload (or is it?) The convenience of the Readyload makes me want to shoot the 100 T-Max. Is the 400 good and the 100 bad? Vice versa? Same with different ASA? I'm planning on shooting outdoors, so the slower ASA/ISO isn't a deal killer. Any comments would be appreciated.

Ron Marshall
31-Mar-2008, 13:05
I use both, but mostly the 100. Both are excellent. If you don't need the extra speed, then you will get slightly finer grain and slightly more resolution from the 100.

Readyloads offer lighter weight for hiking, and less chance of dust spots, but I often use filmholders without much problem with dust.

Bruce Osgood
31-Mar-2008, 14:30
I also use both. For handheld 35mm I use the 400 and in 4X5 is use the 100. Both are very satisfactory.

Clyde Rogers
1-Apr-2008, 06:50
It is my understanding that tmax 400 will not be available in readyloads. I asked Michael Kadillak about this late last year, and this was his response:

I asked Kodak about T Max 400 ready loads in person recently in Rochester and they told me that they worked hard on this objective several years ago and could not solve the problem with static electricity that caused an unacceptable rejection rate in a ready load with this film. Even though they were able to improve on this number the sample defects were still to high (and costly from a business perspective). As a reference point TMax 100 has a nearly zero rejection rate. It is what it is,


Incidentally, I've used the 100 for years, and it is an excellent film. I'm in no rush, I'll try the 400 when it's available in the sizes I want.

Until later,


steve simmons
1-Apr-2008, 07:15
Sandy King has done a very nice article comparing these two films. It is currently in the Subscriber's Section of the View Camera web site and will be in the May/June 08 issue.

steve simmons

Michael Alpert
1-Apr-2008, 08:59
Perhaps limiting your choice to only one film is not keeping it simple. It is not too hard to process two kinds of film or to keep film holders separate. On a windy day you may need 400 speed film (which I shoot at a lower speed: usually 320 or 240). In other situations (e.g., hiking or traveling) having a ready-load holder and a supply of TMax 100 might be a better idea. I suggest that you rethink your presupposition.

Once more point, which I realize is not included in your question and certainly does not "keep it simple": Other films, like Tri-X, FP4,and HP5, have characteristics that you might like better than TMax, even if the new 400 film is very sharp. The only way to know for sure which film you want to use on a regular basis is to give different films a fair test. Members of this forum have strong opinions about specific brands of film that may or may not apply to your way of making photographs.

Daniel Grenier
1-Apr-2008, 09:06
I'm confused about the availability and size of the new T-Max 400. Is it currently avialable then in 7x17 ? If so, where can one buy this film ?