View Full Version : Lens hood for Caltar 65mm lens

31-Mar-2008, 01:49
Does anyone have any ideas on a fixed hood for a Caltar 65mm lens which I'm using on a Fotoman 612?

I'm not viewing the image on a ground glass, which is possible but only as a one-off each time before using a roll of 120.

Thanks for any suggestions


Robert A. Zeichner
31-Mar-2008, 03:49
The best thing might be to make one. If you are shooting 6x12, greater than half of what the lens "sees" will be non image-forming light. If you can use a ground glass for the purpose of determining the projected image size, you might be able to get a traditional metal shade that screws in and then make a mask out of black card stock or an old dark slide and glue it on to the front of the shade. Be careful of vignetting.